See Naples and die (in a good way)

I don’t give a damn about my bad reputation…

Andy Warhol's Vesuvius at the Madre Museum, Naples

Naples makes no apologies.

It is what is is.

There are cities in the world that have a unique energy/vibe all their own… New York, Paris, London, (to name a few)

If you are open you can feel it resonating from the streets, the buildings, the people…

“Vedi Napoli e poi muori” /”See Naples and die”

-Virgil  (2,000 years ago  – referring to the natural beauty of Naples )

Naples has a bad reputation which for some is fearsome and repelling, and for those few they wish not to visit. However I found it all very curious and hungered to understand why. Could it possibly be worse than New York City in the 1970’s?

When I first visitied I found a chaotic city, dirty, and possibly the European version of Calcutta. But as I wandered the streets I found a city misunderstood by outsiders. A city rich in tradition  and culture and like few others I had ever seen. An big, gorgeous onion with layer upon layer of wonderment, a city with inexaustable energy where everything is a scene: the sounds, the visuals, the smells – it is feast for the senses. But to see it you must look beyond the grunge and riff-raff of “Napoli centrale” railway station.

I live about an hour from Naples and try and visit as often as possible, and encourage other travellers that I often host – to do the same. This blog is dedicated the city I adore – that again and again, welcomes me with open arms.

With that said, with the posts to come: I give you an alternative look at Naples, as well as other parts of the Campania region.

The following “Under the Naples Grunge” is a post dedicated to Naples from my other blog/diary entitled:

 “Pasta for One: Adventures of a Single Gal Living in Italy”

And a shamless mention of My B&B if you ever feel so inclined to visit the Amalfi Coast or Naples area…

My Salerno Apartment

Cheers and xoxo,



2 thoughts on “See Naples and die (in a good way)

  1. doze says:

    Thanks for loving Napoli so much, it is reassuring someone can still have such an interested look at my city

    • Cakes McCain says:

      Thanks for your comment. What many outsiders fail to realize is that Naples is deserving more than most cities. They cannot see beyond the crumbling exterior. I encourage people to visit and often take them there, I have been to many large cities in the would and Naples is the only city that continously feeds my gluttonous eyes. Sono innamorato con Napoli. You are indeed very lucky to call Naples your home.

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