Naples in Pieces

Textures and layers, you have so many. I can never see enough.
Every torn piece of paper and hanging wire, all the layers of paint,
broken, cracked and crumbling mortar are part of you.


Siesta in Progress
Do Not Disturb

graf naples4

Lingering on a balcony

graf naples3

The Guardian of #3

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Without Naples.

Dearest Napoli,

I often think of our time together. I remember how you engulfed & inspired me, and without fail fed me well. I sense my days without you and miss you; The scenes in your streets, and the noise of your boisterous and lovely Neapolitan children.

See you in soon. xo

graf naples5 adj


graf naples6 adj




the pensione salerno

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Transformations: Naples the canvas Part 2

I can now recognize these anonymous creators ot the urban visual by their works, however they remain a mystery to me –  I know not their names or faces, nor do they know mine. But I accept their visual gifts personally every time I invade their wonderful city.

mime1 corrected

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Le bambole di Napoli (The Dolls of Naples): Part 2

I have always found myself overcome by the irony of random displays. I especially love dolls and mannequins,  and the unintentional power these inanimate objects seem to have over me. For some reason, my beloved Naples forever feeds my gluttonous eyes and fascination with these  odd, sometimes unintentional exhibitions…

Lonely Toto

La passeggiata senza pensieri (A stroll without thoughts)

We are being watched, no?

Amanti di Napoli

Politics and arm candy

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Transformations: Naples the canvas

In a recent post on Pasta for One (my other blog), I spoke of a day this week where I battled the heat and made my pilgrimage once again to the city I love…

“As of yesterday, one of the best days I have had in months was visiting Naples – Feeling its energy, photographing street art, visiting my favourite modern art gallery, eating the best pizza in the world, and meeting friends there for laughter and good conversation. (Perhaps their jovial demeanor stems from the knowledge of their inevitable escape from Italy, these difficult times and the hopes of a more lucrative future.)”

For a few hours I was able to distract myself from the hard times currently suffered by many of us living in the south, as I was blessed once again with the embrace of this ancient city and its visual gifts around every corner. As we walked throughout the old centre my companion, a born and bred ‘Napolitano’ who now lives in my own country, quizzed me on my oddly deemed preference for photographing the urban artworks of Naples’ upon their decrepid, cement canvasses…

Napoli urban art: art and letters

“It’s a visual documentation of art and the elements of it’s changing environment, whether it be the degradation of its surface, objects in its wake, or the transitions of light and shadow upon it. This art transforms over time,  and eventually most of it disappears. We can not place it in a gallery, as we are only permitted to admire it for a very  limited time. I have photos of such that no longer exist. Therefore I have immortalized them for my own purpose. For me this is something quite amazing.”

Napoli urban art: elemental thought

Napoli urban art: open-mind

Napoli urban art: low star

Napoli urban art: directions

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Naples: In the Pink

I believe in pink.
I believe that laughing is the best calorie burner.
I believe in kissing, kissing a lot.
I believe in being strong when everything seems to be going wrong.
I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls.
I believe that tomorrow is another day and I believe in miracles.
-Audrey Hepburn

Fellini knew.


Irony... Made in China.

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Surfacing Napoli

Visual Explorations: The surfaces, textures and colour of Napoli…

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Napoli vignettes: part 2

Napoli the movie…

Yes... It really is THAT good.

 read the post…

 Pasta for One:

Under the Naples Grunge

A day at the museum: part 1

One of my favourite places in Naples is the Madre Contemporary Art Museum. What better place to feel inspired?
Last week I made my pilgrimage, took in the beauty of my surroundings and loved Naples a little more…


I know how she feels...

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Le bambole di Napoli (The Dolls of Naples)

street performer, Naples

Ospedale delle Bambole "The Doll Hospital" Spaccanapoli